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  • Move the Mushroom

    Instead of complaining about Valentine’s Day or (VD) I thought I’d share an old love poem

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  • Oh No Not Another Podcast 36: Instructions, Directions and Advice


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  • Loopy: The Movie

    I was in this independent film in the Summer of 2016 written by, Tyler Gilbert. After several months of hard work it’s finished. Here’s how it turned out.

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  • Haggardly Hip

    Recently local poet, Shelley Haggard out of Mission, BC, sent me a found poem she made using the titles of Tragically Hip songs. Shelley is a fan of the band and was moved emotionally when she heard about Gord Downie’s health/brain cancer situation. Shelley asked if I would voice the poem for her. I agreed […]

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  • PNE Love Affair (from when I worked as a carney.)

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  • Golden Beret/League of Canadian Poets Interview

    I did an interview with the League of Canadian Poets for their blog about poetry things! Here’s the link. 2016 GOLDEN BERET AWARD WINNER: RC WESLOWSKI

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  • Oh No Not Another Podcast #24 Toys and Games

    wild dreams of ker-plunk and boggle are the inspiration for this latest batch of two stepping weirdness

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  • The listening post

    I’ve been hanging out with clowns for the past month and I love it. I’ve taken two different workshops with two different facilitators and they’ve both been challenging and invigorating in their own special ways. I love the energy of the clown world…working and working and working to be at ease and present in front […]

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  • Right Now Someone Thinks You’re Delicious

    Right now someone thinks you’re delicious   They want to tamper with your spice rack Shampoo your dirty kitchen They want to fold the pages of your cookbook And taste your roasted chicken   They want to melt your stick of butter And put it on their popcorn They want to be the chocolate sprinkles […]

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  • There is a brainstorm coming

    There is a brainstorm coming Many will be unprotected Expect a number of horrific deaths Focus will be removed Bikini lines waxed with Xerox Photocopier fluid The pressure is on The price of stamps is out of control Ronald McDonald house has been foreclosed Taken over by a squatter Grimace is surly and living up […]

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