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  • Oh No Not Another Podcast 36: Instructions, Directions and Advice


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  • Loopy: The Movie

    I was in this independent film in the Summer of 2016 written by, Tyler Gilbert. After several months of hard work it’s finished. Here’s how it turned out.

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  • Le Slamarone–Trumpty Dumpty

    I met a new poet on the scene the other day and heard them read this poem. I really liked it so I found the text to it and decided to record it. They don’t really know about it. The have less of an online presence than Al Mader. But I wanted people to hear […]

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  • Haggardly Hip

    Recently local poet, Shelley Haggard out of Mission, BC, sent me a found poem she made using the titles of Tragically Hip songs. Shelley is a fan of the band and was moved emotionally when she heard about Gord Downie’s health/brain cancer situation. Shelley asked if I would voice the poem for her. I agreed […]

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  • Somebody Did Something

    Curiosity milked the cat

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  • PNE Love Affair (from when I worked as a carney.)

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  • Golden Beret/League of Canadian Poets Interview

    I did an interview with the League of Canadian Poets for their blog about poetry things! Here’s the link. 2016 GOLDEN BERET AWARD WINNER: RC WESLOWSKI

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  • Oh No Not Another Podcast #24 Toys and Games

    wild dreams of ker-plunk and boggle are the inspiration for this latest batch of two stepping weirdness

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  • The Force Awakens Spoiler Poem aka You’re Not Missing Out On Much

    A little background first. I worked on a film as an extra about a year and a half ago. Most of my time was spent inside of a Chewbacca suit (there were 7 of us) and even though I wanted to tell the world about what was happening during the filming, I had signed a […]

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  • The listening post

    I’ve been hanging out with clowns for the past month and I love it. I’ve taken two different workshops with two different facilitators and they’ve both been challenging and invigorating in their own special ways. I love the energy of the clown world…working and working and working to be at ease and present in front […]

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