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I’ve led spoken word performance and writing workshops at the Banff Centre of the Arts, The Tucson Poetry Festival, The Victoria Poetry Festival, The Verses Festival of Words and soon at the Edmonton Poetry Festival. I’ve worked with youth to seniors in helping people gain the confidence to express themselves–to be witnessed, listened to and believed.

I have a background in clown, acting and broadcasting and work to help you find and celebrate your own voice–to be listened to, witnessed and believed. And with this intention, I’ve created The Weslowski Method.

The Weslowski Method is a series of one hour workshops over a 6 week period that can help you…

Learn to be a more confident public speaker
Learn to have fun and be silly in front of other people
Learn to use “nonsense” language to express traumatic experiences
Learn to use your body as a resource for your own writing

The Weslowski Method can also be tailored to be used in shorter workshop for group sessions both in person and over zoom.

contact me at rcarcee2@gmail.com