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  • Spoken Weird and Beauty Ba Bo

    H. O. Prize: Classic Poems Part 2 (R. C. Weslowski and Van Slam 2010) There’s a new poetry prize at the National Poetry Slam in the United States. The prize encourages humour poems, weirdness and experimentation. Leading up to the competition in August they’re taking a look at some poems in the past that have […]

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  • A goodbye for a good guy

    So here we go. I am usually pretty private about what’s going on in my life emotionally, I often keep things locked up pretty tight. However, I have been working on building trust and being open more and so, I thought this would be a good opportunity to share something with you. My step dad, […]

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  • Is He A Man or Half A Man?

    Well, basically because you never know. TW for angst.

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  • Oh No Not Another Podcast 38 Bored With Fun


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  • Hummingbirds in Winter

    While we are all waiting for a new Oh No Not Another Podcast, I did this little recording for the hit show, Story Story Lie. It’s a regular event put on by Jo Dworschak. They’ve hosted them in Vancouver (where I performed) and recently in Victoria, BC to a sold out show. I’m sure it […]

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  • Move the Mushroom

    Instead of complaining about Valentine’s Day or (VD) I thought I’d share an old love poem

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  • Oh No Not Another Podcast 36: Instructions, Directions and Advice


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  • Loopy: The Movie

    I was in this independent film in the Summer of 2016 written by, Tyler Gilbert. After several months of hard work it’s finished. Here’s how it turned out.

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  • Le Slamarone–Trumpty Dumpty

    I met a new poet on the scene the other day and heard them read this poem. I really liked it so I found the text to it and decided to record it. They don’t really know about it. The have less of an online presence than Al Mader. But I wanted people to hear […]

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  • Haggardly Hip

    Recently local poet, Shelley Haggard out of Mission, BC, sent me a found poem she made using the titles of Tragically Hip songs. Shelley is a fan of the band and was moved emotionally when she heard about Gord Downie’s health/brain cancer situation. Shelley asked if I would voice the poem for her. I agreed […]

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