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  • Bum Clit

    I wrote a new poem back in November 2017 in preparation for a feature I was going to be doing in December 2017 in Guelph, Ontario. I wanted something fresh to present to the folks in Ontario as it was supposed to be their “comedy slam.” This is what I came up with. It’s called […]

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  • Follow Your Dreams

    This recording is from my feature on Aug 14th at the Van Slam. The music is by Explosions in the Sky and the song is “Postcards from 1952.” It’s a bit rough and tumble as it was the first time performing it and the lights were low so I had trouble reading it but I […]

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  • Aleppo by Mohamad Kebbewar

    Back in July we had our last Mashed Poetics show which featured Metallica’s AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. One of the poets in the show, Mohamad Kebbewar was unable to be there in person so we made a recording of Mohamad reading his poem Aleppo and we played it at the show over the loud speakers. […]

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  • PNE Love Affair

    The Pacific National Exhibition is back with 4H Exhibitions, cotton candy, super dogs and the roller coaster. Unfortunately not all PNE memories are grand. This is a poem about that. It was recorded and performed live at Cafe Deux Soleils during my feature on Aug 14th at the Vancouver Poetry Slam.

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  • Oh No Not Another Podcast #40 Hot to be Kool, stay Kool


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  • Spoken Weird and Beauty Ba Bo

    H. O. Prize: Classic Poems Part 2 (R. C. Weslowski and Van Slam 2010) There’s a new poetry prize at the National Poetry Slam in the United States. The prize encourages humour poems, weirdness and experimentation. Leading up to the competition in August they’re taking a look at some poems in the past that have […]

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  • A goodbye for a good guy

    So here we go. I am usually pretty private about what’s going on in my life emotionally, I often keep things locked up pretty tight. However, I have been working on building trust and being open more and so, I thought this would be a good opportunity to share something with you. My step dad, […]

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  • Is He A Man or Half A Man?

    Well, basically because you never know. TW for angst.

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  • Oh No Not Another Podcast 38 Bored With Fun


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  • Hummingbirds in Winter

    While we are all waiting for a new Oh No Not Another Podcast, I did this little recording for the hit show, Story Story Lie. It’s a regular event put on by Jo Dworschak. They’ve hosted them in Vancouver (where I performed) and recently in Victoria, BC to a sold out show. I’m sure it […]

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