Aleppo by Mohamad Kebbewar

Back in July we had our last Mashed Poetics show which featured Metallica’s AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. One of the poets in the show, Mohamad Kebbewar was unable to be there in person so we made a recording of Mohamad reading his poem Aleppo and we played it at the show over the loud speakers.

When we announced we were doing AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, Mohamad was one of the first people to contact me about being in the show. His song assignment was ONE so playing a pre recorded poem as a disembodied voice seemed to work out well as an idea.

And aside from liking the piece, the reason I’m posting it here is we can’t seem to get the audio to work on his media platforms so I’m putting it up here and sharing it with him via the website. I hope you like it.