Don’t Get Drunk and Sleep With Your Friends (with “lyrics”)

The so called holidays are here, people are going to lots of parties including plenty of work soirees and sometimes things go a little too far.  Take care of yourself this time of the year.  And if you do get drunk and sleep with a friend make sure it’s consensual…FOR REAL.

Here is the only Awesome Face single ever released.  Brendan McLeod on vocals and guitar.  I’m doing co vocals, playing the toy piano and shaking the shaker.  Michelle is singing backup vocals.

Oh yeah, and I thought I’d include the lyrics in case you want to sing along…


Don’t get drunk and sleep with your friends

it will come to bad times in the end

don’t get drunk and sleep with your friends

unless you’re really really really really….drunk


You’re out at a party

feeling kind of flirty

maybe even horny

then your friend, who’s always been a friend

starts to look like someone you really want to fuck

a devil on your left, devil on your right

telling you to sleep with your friend tonight

It’s reckoning time!




You’ve known them for years

Longer than these beers

Listen to your fears

We don’t need any tears

Don’t go changing gears

You’ll be the joke of all your peers

You’ll ruin your careers

you’re funds are in arrears

you like hunting deers

and buy your clothes at Sears

It’s reckoning time…




So close your eyes

put bags on your heads

you don’t need to recognize

the one who’s in your bed

Go gentle into the night

or hard if you like

don’t worry about repercussions

like pregnancy or STD’s

Because love is sweet

between the sheets

with you and me –


if you’re really, really, really…..