• Follow Your Dreams

    This recording is from my feature on Aug 14th at the Van Slam. The music is by Explosions in the Sky and the song is “Postcards from 1952.” It’s a bit rough and tumble as it was the first time performing it and the lights were low so I had trouble reading it but I […]

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  • Spoken Weird and Beauty Ba Bo

    H. O. Prize: Classic Poems Part 2 (R. C. Weslowski and Van Slam 2010) There’s a new poetry prize at the National Poetry Slam in the United States. The prize encourages humour poems, weirdness and experimentation. Leading up to the competition in August they’re taking a look at some poems in the past that have […]

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  • The Force Awakens Spoiler Poem aka You’re Not Missing Out On Much

    A little background first. I worked on a film as an extra about a year and a half ago. Most of my time was spent inside of a Chewbacca suit (there were 7 of us) and even though I wanted to tell the world about what was happening during the filming, I had signed a […]

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