The listening post

I’ve been hanging out with clowns for the past month and I love it. I’ve taken two different workshops with two different facilitators and they’ve both been challenging and invigorating in their own special ways. I love the energy of the clown world…working and working and working to be at ease and present in front of others and moving towards being comfortable being fully seen in the moment no matter what you’re feeling.

But I need practice being present in the “read world.” The fantastic space created in a workshop environment doesn’t always stretch out into the day to day hustle of the 21st century.

Especially during the month of December. The pressures that are both internal and external to present yourself in a particular way are intensified. So, I’m suggesting a calming. A time out between two people being present with each other so we can breathe and just be.

The parameters are this.

The get together lasts one hour.
It must take place in nature…around a lake, in a park, on the beach, in the woods etc.
One person is designated the speaker and one person the listener.
Only the speaker can talk during this time.
The listener does not speak. No offering of advice, no anecdotes about how they have experienced a similar thing.
If no one wants to talk during the 60 minutes that’s allowed. See what happens.
If we are both able to then we will walk. If you are mobility challenged then things can be modified.
Within these parameters you will communicate and be present with one another. But only one person will talk.
Discussing the rules around physical contact should take place before the walk. Are you comfortable with hugs, etc.
After the time together a debrief is allowed HOWEVER this will not be a time for the listener to now offer advice or tell an anecdote about how they have experienced a similar thing.
You are encouraged to be silly, to be playful, to simply be. If laughing or tears occur so be it.
This is not meant to be a confessional. Subject matter parameters should be discussed before hand.
It is meant to cultivate quiet moments between two people participating in this busy world.
A chance to go deeper.
A chance to be present with another without judgement.

Writing this post makes me nervous. The idea of this takes me out of my comfort zone. I have trust issues.
But I think this would be fun. In a way it’s a kind of extended clown exercise outside of a class room.

Who wants to try it? We could start as early as this weekend. I am also not inviting anyone as I am wanting to leave it open to happening organically.

Also I would prefer being the listener for the first couple of times…but that could be negotiated. Even if you don’t think we are really that close of friends, let’s see what happens. I am open to the experiment.

email me if you are interested