There is a brainstorm coming

There is a brainstorm coming

Many will be unprotected

Expect a number of horrific deaths

Focus will be removed

Bikini lines waxed with Xerox

Photocopier fluid

The pressure is on

The price of stamps is out of control

Ronald McDonald house has been foreclosed

Taken over by a squatter

Grimace is surly and living up to his name


There is a brainstorm coming

This should be a time of team building

Of cultural appropriation

If your group is not physically

Strong enough

Mature enough

Mentally tough enough

Unwilling to appropriate

Then circle the group

Remain silent as nylon

Believe in each other

Or someone will die

If no one dies one of you

Will be sacrificed

A takeout order is recommended

Preferably Chinese Food

Or a samosa


There is a brainstorm coming

And if people are unwilling to work together

Provide a shorter lifespan for participants

Divide the group into smaller groups

Spread rumours

About disease and sexual preferences

Racially profile the alpha males

Blame everything on the vegans

They’ll be the first to die


A brainstorm is coming

Stand guard

Keep the looks out

Stay vigilante

Strengthen the Botox

And the Viagra

Protect the pharmaceuticals

Speak directly into the electric fence

When not spoken to

Exfoliate the fallacies

Perforate the presumptions

Until your cliché is unpredictable

If all else fails

Start again

With one less team member

Their blood will be on your hands

But everything happens for a reason

Even if it’s a bad one