“Indian Residential School Survivors Society Fundraiser”

My book “My Soft Response to the Wars” has been out almost a month now at www.writebloodynorth.ca Sales are going really well. If you don’t have a copy yet that is terrific, BECAUSE starting on July 1st for two weeks all revenue from book sales will be donated to the “Indian Residential School Survivors Society.” Books are $20 plus shipping from the WBN website. The $20 will go to the Survivors Fund. In person sales with me are $20 but you can donate more if you like and have the ability to do so during these tough times.

Direct message me at rcarcee2@gmail.com if you are in the Vancouver area and would like a book delivered and signed for you personally. Please consider participating in this fundraiser. Thanks to Write Bloody North and Brad Morden for joining in on this.