• The Cruelest Phonebook in the World

    The Cruellest Phone Book in the World is the second full length one person show from RC Weslowski. It’s a poetry, clown and storytelling mash up with lots of audience participation and a sing-a-long. The show explores the world of, Lionel, a man in love with and sexually attracted to paper products to the point of obsession. And somewhere within this world we are able to see our own foibles face to face when it comes to trying to love ourselves and one another.

    “Weslowski doesn’t make it easy on himself with the subject matter. On its face, this play is about a man’s severe obsession, and let’s face it – deviant – relationship with paper products. After numerous attempts at curbing his desires, he find himself living with “The Watchtower” publication, struggling to have a “normal” sex life, while his “ex”…the Yellow Pages shows up at his door for a booty call.

    You say, “What?”…I say, “I know hey? WTF!” But when you dive into the dialogue you find a Shakespeare-like spoken word wonder that leaves you completely understanding that love is love. Embrace it, as it embraces you. This play is funny, gripping, colourful, and if you ever wanna see someone have sex with a phone book…don’t miss this treat. My buddy “Pocket Venus” put it like this…”This guy has ‘stupid-genius.” Weslowski certainly does!”
    ~ Plank Magazine

    Vancouver Fringe 2013
    Victoria Spoken Word Festival 2014
    INJEST Festival of Clown 2014

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